Dec 072015
Faster Loading Site Part2 - YouTube

In part 1 of the post, we looked at optimizing images, javascript, CSS and the nasty, slow WordPress “emoji” script. We sorted these and reduced the page loading from approximately 3.7 seconds to 2.8 seconds. Looking at the “waterfall” figures on shows that the embedded YouTube video easily adds an extra 600 ms to the […]

Nov 072015
Faster Loading Site Part1 - Images

As this site is a resource that has video tutorials on website creation, we want ABCofWebsites to be an example of best practice! One metric of a class leading site is the load speed. So this “Faster Loading Site” project is to get this site loading faster. For information, this site is being served through […]

May 012013
Wary of Affiliate Links?

A lot of surfers are wary of affiliate links, and in certain circumstances, this is fully justified. Especially if the article is meant to be a review of a product that is linked to. Ok, the author might genuinely like the product but loses credibility with an affiliate link at the end. Some affiliate sites […]

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