May 102013

Because one of the many uses of your WordPress might be to earn money with it, I'm providing this special resource of Internet Marketing basics for Silver and Gold Tier members. I acquired these videos rather than making them because I am not an expert in this field and found respectable marketers who were willing to provide their course for reuse as an adjunct to my main one.

As always, any money making course carries a disclaimer that it is not guaranteed to make anyone money - you have to take action and put in inspired work consistently too! Here's the first-steps video.

Video: Internet Marketing Basics

First steps for getting into Internet Marketing

Recommendations - Domain Registrar

Bluehost will do a deal where if you buy hosting from them, the domain name is also thrown in. If you take advantage of this, life will be incredibly simple as you won't have to deal with nameservers. Look at the Web Hosting  video to guide you through it. is used in my video above because I use them extensively and  find them solid and reliable. They are also active in campaigning against restrictive legislation being applied to the internet. Using the link will earn me a little commission! is a well-established UK company with an easy user interface. They also supply hosting but I've not tried it. Shame all their links are animated! is of course the granddaddy(!) of them all. So I cannot miss them out. They are good enough as a registrar and occasionally have deep discounts. Perhaps a little gaudy and brash?

Recommendations - Hosting

Bluehost   So again, highest recommendation for Bluehost for being reasonably priced, with good customer support.

Studyhost This small  UK based company is one of the first ones that compete with the US ones for performance, features and ease of setting up. I use their top level package yet it is only £30 per year!

Surpass Hosting Their prices are competitive and to keep it so, their support is through a quick response ticketing system and the excellent forum that is constantly patrolled by their staff, ready to sort out any problems.

Aweber The most popular autoresponder used by internet marketers.