Video Tutorials on Creating a WordPress Website!


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Hello, you are looking at a great opportunity to become part of the tribe of people who create the internet!

These set of video tutorials will take you from zero to proficient in a time as short as you want (you choose your pace). The Silver tier will get you beyond the nursery slopes of website creation and get you making a mark on the World Wide Web. And this is only $25 (one off) for a 9+ video course that you can do at your own pace.

And if you get really keen and want to become master of cyberspace there is the Gold tier that will make you the equivalent of an Olympian on the web!
Here are some free videos and the tutorials on the Silver Tier:

Video#1 - First, get your domain name - your unique web address >> Free Access

Video#2 - Getting a shared web host   >> Free Access

Video#3 - Nameservers explained   >> Silver Tier

Video#4 - Changing your nameservers   >> Silver Tier

Video#5 - CPanel - what and why   >> Silver Tier

Video#6 - Installing WordPress the easy way >> Silver Tier

Video#7 - WordPress Basics and Themes   >> Silver Tier

Video#8 - WordPress Basics 2 - Posts & Pages  >> Silver Tier

Video#9 - WordPress Basics 3 - Add Images   >> Silver Tier

Video#10 - WordPress Basics 4 - Plugins & Security   >> Silver Tier

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Video tutorials on creating a WordPress website

Gold tier includes all that the Silver Tier has plus a whole lot more advanced techniques to make you into a black belt internet creator! More video content is added monthly and all this for a minimal $25 per month.
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If you are unfamiliar with Worpress, read the Wikipedia article.