Mar 102013

Here's a few suggestions to help you make great progress.

Tablet and PC♦ Put up onto your tablet and use your laptop to follow the steps on your tablet. If you don't own both, borrow a friend's it will make life easier! Actually, good functional ones can be got for $70 or so - it does not have to be an expensive ipad! If you don't want to use a tablet, just open the tutorials in one window/tab and in the second window/tab open the exercise (getting domain name, host, cPanel or WordPress).

♦ When watching the videos, switching to full-screen (bottom right symbol of on the control bar of the video) will help you see more detail. To come out of full-screen, just hit the escape "esc" on your keyboard.

♦ The order of the menu is the best sequence to follow. Just skip a video if you are already familiar with the tutorial.

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Get a hosting account
  3. Set nameservers (optional - not needed if domain and hosting are from the same company).
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Install the WordPress theme(s)
  6. Create your website! - Adding posts and pages  - Adding images

♦ If you are really keen and you're ready to set up your first website, go ahead and buy the domain and web hosting. It will be dead simple to follow the instructions if you use the same host that the lesson uses. You won't go far wrong either as the host company (Bluehost) suggested is one of the best for customer service and good value. They will also have generous features to cope with your needs as they grow. But using other big-name hosts should be very similar. Less well known companies could give problems as they might have obscure limitation (eg. bandwidth, etc.) and some do not even give you a cPanel interface!

♦ Follow up by setting up a second website! If you are with Bluehost, you can set up unlimited number of sites on the same account. All you need to do is buy another domain name (the cost is trivial) and set up an add-on domain (this lesson). The experience setting up another site will give you so much confidence.