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Video#1 - First, get your domain name - your unique web address >> Free Access

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Video#3 - Nameservers explained   >> Silver Tier

Video#4 - Changing your nameservers   >> Silver Tier

Video#5 - CPanel - what and why   >> Silver Tier

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♦ Get your domain email on your use your Gmail (or other webmail) account. -Ready

Content Delivery Network (CDN) - why you should use it. -Ready

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♦ Pros and cons of AWS S3 vs Google Drive vs YouTube. Ready

♦ Getting Picasa Web Album to serve your photos to your site. Planned

♦ A simple EU required cookie dropdown (light and fast). Planned

♦ More WordPress techniques like creating "child themes" etc. Planned

Directing your vistors to a country specific website you made. Planned

htaccess tips for SEO, visitor experience and security. Planned

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