Many of us are very busy these days and need a service to help us get a web presence or to update/upkeep our websites. That is precisely what is being offered here.

Unlike the BIG names that after the initial payment, can charge $1000+ per month, our service is very reasonable starting at $150 per month. This is for a service that rivals the big guns in giving you satisfaction.

How do we do this? 

So our service just does the essentials to give you what you want. This means that our initial interview is very thorough and we get to know your requirements. We also keep down the size of the sites we deal with. Sorry, if you are a mega-site owner we have to decline your inquiry!


  • WordPress Site Creation
  • Maintenance of all app updates
  • On page SEO improvement (speed, keywords, etc)
  • Makeover for better visuals/useability
  • Make/convert to mobile friendly
  • Host relocation and serving through CDN
  • Try us for other tasks!

Contact us on the contact page.

For a better idea of our services, visit our sister site with full details : Acuvic Websites


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