Feb 272013

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Now that you have got your domain name, the next step would be to get some hosting with a web host company. If you have got hosting already with your domain registrar, you can skip this and go to the next video. Here I have used Bluehost as an example.

Video: Get Your Hosting

Getting your hosting from Bluehost.com

Mini Hosting Review and Recommendations

Bluehost bannerBluehost There are other hosts that are even more effusive in their customer service, but their charges will be proportionately higher. If you are a beginner, I  suggest steering clear of the really cheap web hosts with non-existent or rubbish customer support.  So highest recommendation for Bluehost for being reasonably priced, high performance hosting and superior customer support.

Out of the other web hosts that I have used here are a couple that are very good in their own way. One is UK based and the other is US. Let me advise strongly against free website hosting schemes. I have tried many and they all are painfully slow and have nasty down-time records and of course no customer service to speak of.

Studyhost No longer recommended due to substandard service with new management.
Smart Hosting UK However, we have a new star in UK based hosting with excellent customer response. I use their top reseller hosting but their low priced shared hosting have good reviews too. UK hosts are good if you are targeting UK visitors because your site will load faster without needing a CDN. Also Google search will lift your search engine listing position for local searches. Use my affiliate link below:

surpass hostingSurpass Hosting This was my first ever web host and I have a soft spot for them. Their prices are competitive and to keep it so, their support is through a quick response ticketing system and the excellent forum that is constantly patrolled by their staff, ready to sort out any problems. Although now part of the bigger Dreamhost company, service quality remains very good. Down-time is reasonable now but they struggled a bit a few years back but that was minor problem for most users and was improved by upgrading their equipment.

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